Ep 7 – Kevin Reiley and Justin Hancher, Hover Inc.  

“At its core, HOVER is a machine-learning technology that transforms smartphone photos of a home into a scaled, interactive 3D model.” – Kevin Reiley

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Every company strives for a great customer experience.

But often times, being a customer can be a pain. From calling support to scheduling an appointment—the tasks required to be a customer can, more often than not, feel like work.

But what if in today’s technologically-driven economy—there is a shifting customer experience? That, by empowering the customer to actually do some of the work, you make their experience better overall.

This is what the HOVER team has uncovered in their service. That the customer is fully capable and motivated to use their technology, much more so than going through the archaic motions of assisting adjusters on site.

On today’s episode of FNO: InsureTech, we are joined by Kevin Reiley and Justin Hancher from the HOVER team. HOVER is a 3D technology company that creates fully measured, customizable 3D models.

Tune in to this episode to hear Kevin and Justin discuss what they’ve learned about the modern-day consumer, so you can apply those teachings to your product or service.

“The insured wasn’t aware of how the settlement number was being derived.” – Kevin Reiley

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The FNO: Tips

  • HOVER can benefit other industries outside insurance (ex: home inspections, mortgage financing, real estate, etc.)
  • There is a rising trend of 3D modeling technologies enabling the policy holder to take pictures and thus—assist in the claims process
    • Nearly 90% of homeowners are adopting this technology
    • Creates transparency – homeowner sees all the measurements firsthand
    • Homeowners are also able to use the 3D model for other projects
  • Millennials would rather take pictures themselves than spend time on the phone or have someone on site
  • Accuracy is most important: decreases cycle times and reduces both known and unknown costs
  • Empowering the homeowner to participate actually produces more detailed information of the interior
  • Inaccuracy in the underwriting industry is due to carriers using public data sets
  • 3D modeling technologies like HOVER output into any CAD program, saving any professional time from the get-go

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