Ep 2 – Brett Goldberg, Former CEO of SPEX

Every company has a unique customer journey.

In most cases, the touchpoints exist at the time of payment, and there are clear exchanges of value. But with insurance, the equation isn’t so simple. We pay our insurance so that in case something happens, we can get the help and coverage we need.

That moment when a crisis occurs and we file our claim is the moment the customer truly interacts with the company. And that interaction may or may not have technology embedded in it.

So today, on the FNO: podcast, we are joined by Brett Goldberg, the CEO at Spex to discuss the intersection of claims and technology. Spex is a platform that enables adjusters to essentially replace their clipboards and graph paper to more accurately document property inspections.

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Ep 1 – Dan Moore, SVP Head of Operations of QBE North America

A crisis occurs and we panic.  

Flood, storm, tornado, you name it—our gut reaction is to crumble into the fetal position and worry about our future. When we finally garner the energy to file that insurance claim, we’re met by the carrier’s system.

For the insurance side of things—this is the opportunity to provide a helping hand. How can you help the person get the help they need?

On today’s episode of FNO: InsureTech, we are joined by Dan Moore—the SVP Head of Operations of QBE—to discuss what role technology and human labor plays during this pivotal moment.

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