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Leading the Pack

What makes 470 Claims different? Easy: We’re a company dedicated to our people, We’re committed to trailblazing the way for new technologies in our industry, and We keep YOU in control.

You see, we saw long ago that without good people behind your company, failure is inevitable. That’s why we’re continually investing in our people with training for both home office staff and IAs, creating a company culture of excellence. But we don’t just take care of the people inside our company— we take care of you, the 470 Claims extended family. We know you need to be in control of your claims, that’s why we create a partnership of transparency and provide you with real time updates and data. But we are also looking out for your future— We are committed to wading through the flood of new technologies coming into our industry to find what works and what doesn’t so that when the inevitable tech-revolution comes, you already have people on your team that have hit the ground running.

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We Put You in the Fast Lane

Speedy turnaround time is key to meeting policy holder needs and at 470 Claims we have mastered efficient claims management. In fact, we’re delivering cycle times as short as 5 days—that’s days faster than our competitors. How do we do this? We have highly effective processes, technology and dedicated personnel to thank for that. They champion precision every step of the way, allowing us to facilitate a culture of accuracy and getting things done right the first time—a huge time saver. So with 470 Claims you can rest assured that we get right to the point and get you the information you need fast.

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470: No Slackers Allowed

If you don’t have accuracy, you have nothing in our industry. At 470 Claims we pride ourselves on our attention to detail—so you know we’re good for our promises. Our business intelligence provides our Carrier partners with unprecedented information on the status of their claims. With everyone on the same page, we can execute accuracy effortlessly and you can reap the benefits of your claims being done right, the first time. So if you are looking for a partner to exceed your expectations, then you can have confidence that our accuracy will bring success to your partnership with 470 Claims.

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Don’t Give Up the Control

The relationship between Independent Claims Managers and Carriers has not always been seamless—and we don’t want to gloss over that. We use lessons learned from others in the past to fuel our own successful relationships. What have we learned? That Carriers want, and need, to maintain control throughout the claims management process. And though control may just be a feeling, we believe it is the “it factor” that will set us apart from our competitors. By providing useful, in-depth reports and giving Carriers real-time information on their claims, we keep you in the driver’s seat. After all, it’s your claim, just think of us like in-house staff.

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We’re Training an A-Team for You

When we laid the foundation for Fourseventy 6 years ago, we built it in order to lay support for our Adjusters. Within our company’s structure, we have designated Claim Process Mangers who work very closely with IA’s assigned to the specific Carrier they specialize in. This allows IAs to get knowledgable information from a supervisor who knows all the ins and outs of their Carrier’s procedures. But Fourseventy recently took that level of support one step further and welcomed Melanie Walpole onto our team as our full time Adjuster Trainer—one of very few in our industry. Her position was created to provide our Adjusters with unmatched support, and our Carriers with incomparable results. Just one more way 470 Claims stands out from the crowd and ensures that both IAs and Carriers are on the same team.

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Technology that Works For You

Customer interaction and involvement in the claims process is a new key focus in our industry, and 470 Claims has utilized the latest technology to surpass the expectations this trend has brought with it. We have embraced advancements in handheld video and voice communication technology and have heavily utilized these advances to streamline the claim process with the Insured and the Carrier—ensuring all parties involved are on the same page. Business intelligence and data visualization have also greatly improved our ability to proactively modify our processes and workflows. Without these tools, we would be forced to make myopic decisions based on historical events, rather than seeing the real issues before they arise.

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