Category: New Technology

You Can Call Us Techies

Technology is a key driver to the insurance claims industry—at least for companies like Fourseventy Claims, who embrace technology and adapt to its always-changing standards. Today, every aspect of the claims management business revolves around and requires engaging some sort of technology—both old and new. And those who are experienced enough to accurately weigh the risks and benefits of new bleeding edge advancements will be rewarded by setting themselves ahead of the competition. 470 Claims prides itself on being able to expertly navigate new technology trends to be on the brink of each cutting edge process.

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From Paper to Digital

The Insurance Adjusting Industry has come a long way since the idea of “insurance” was created. Some say this dates back to when ancient Chinese farmers shipped their goods down the Yangtze River to market in 20 different boats, instead of just one, to disrupt the odds of losing all their goods to robbers or rapids—spreading the risk, right? Since then, we’ve come into more sophisticated scenarios and more complicated procedures, but don’t be fooled—up until 10 years ago we were doing most of our work on the same material those ancient Chinese did: Paper. Of course, the material was revolutionary when the Han Dynasty invented it in 100 BC, but for 21st-century insurance adjusting, not so much.

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470’s Training and Support Pave the Way for Your Success

IAs can be a sort of “Lone Ranger” in our industry, which can feed into the deterioration of their work and success—without a support system around you, there’s little to keep you on top of your game. You see, Fourseventy realized that our IA’s can only be as good as we set them up to be. 470 Claims has been on the forefront of providing resources for our Adjusters, but now, in 2017, we are dedicating our efforts and resources toward providing our Adjusters the support and training they need to exceed our standard of excellence.

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