Ep 21 – Darin McCarthy, Head of Claims, Hippo Insurance

“If we treat an insured exceptionally well—we know that person will talk to others.” – Darin McCarthy

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Claims is thought to serve one function in the insurance ecosystem.

A loss occurs and we process the claim as a response to the damage done. The accuracy of the claim, the efficiency of the claim—these are the things we look at to make sure that the claim is doing what it needs to do.

But what happens when we start to approach claims from a sales point-of-view?

On today’s episode of FNO: InsureTech—we are joined by Darin McCarthy, Head of Claims at Hippo Insurance. Hippo is one of the leading insurance technology companies in today’s ecosystem, providing coverage without the paperwork and back-and-forth you get in the agent model.

Tune in to this episode to hear Darin take us through Hippo’s model, and how—in addition to everything else—they view claims as a sales function.  

“When a claims department begins to think in terms of acquisition—that’s unique.” – Darin McCarthy

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The FNO: Tips

  • Teaching things to insurance-illiterate will cause you to rethink how things work
  • The metrics show that roughly 25% will buy insurance without speaking to an agent
  • Insurance providers discount customers who use prevention tools
  • Prevention tools provide a rare positive experience for customers to interact with their insurance provider
  • Open floor plans and CEOs sitting amongst the employees leads to a more cohesive unit

Fourseventy Claim Management


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