Leading the Pack

What makes 470 Claims different? Easy: We’re a company dedicated to our people, We’re committed to trailblazing the way for new technologies in our industry, and We keep YOU in control.

You see, we saw long ago that without good people behind your company, failure is inevitable. That’s why we’re continually investing in our people with training for both home office staff and IAs, creating a company culture of excellence. But we don’t just take care of the people inside our company— we take care of you, the 470 Claims extended family. We know you need to be in control of your claims, that’s why we create a partnership of transparency and provide you with real time updates and data. But we are also looking out for your future— We are committed to wading through the flood of new technologies coming into our industry to find what works and what doesn’t so that when the inevitable tech-revolution comes, you already have people on your team that have hit the ground running.

That’s what makes 470 Claims Different— In fact, that’s why we are leading the pack.

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