Paving the Way for YOU.

As an IA, we want you to do what you’re best at: Determining coverage and providing excellent customer service. Yet, thus far in our industry’s history you’ve been tasked with the job of three men. You’ve had to run diagnostic test on equipment, navigate numerous software programs and decipher what can be, cryptic guidelines. We’ve had enough, and we know you have too. That’s why we are committed to trailblazing our way into the new age of claims adjusting.

Fourseventy has committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the next few years, which are set to be some of the most transformational, as our industry goes through what we are deeming a “technology revolution”. Through this exciting transitional time, we are, and will continue, to look for the new processes and tools that champion utility and wade through the flashiness that gets thrown around with the promise of new technology.

Why? Because we want to implement tools that will allow you to do your one job, and allow us to turn it into many functions. The result— streamlined efficiency and fewer headaches for you.

So, whether it is incorporating drone technology into the assessment process or utilizing video conferencing with our Carrier partners, you are always kept in mind: We’re paving the way for YOU.

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