We Get It — No, Really

You may not know this, but the leadership team at Fourseventy has over 200 years of experience in the industry. That’s an impressive average of just over 30 years per person. What does that mean to you? We get it! No, really.  

We get how difficult it can be in the field, we understand the support IA’s need to be successful, and we’ve worked on both the Adjuster and Carrier sides of the claims process. We are by no means just managers that sit behind a desk—we’ve been in the trenches, we know how the game works and we are looking to set the bar higher: attack challenges from an innovative standpoint and create a new standard for Independent Claims Adjusters. Our experience allows us to do just that.

We believe our experience is a powerful strength because the thing is, you can get any one of our team members on the phone from the very beginning and you’ll see we’re all on the same page, because we know where you’re coming from. It is this attribute that sets 470 Claims apart from the crowd, allowing us to provide extraordinary customer care and facilitate an outstanding company culture.

Our experience has enabled us to view the industry from an insider’s perspective—we’ve been in your shoes and we can see the areas needing improvement in order to achieve success. We also know the “same old way” to do things isn’t going to cut it. We get that the future of adjusting has to be tech-based, and we understand the need to keep our Carrier partners in control of their claims. We believe taking this approach to lead, instead of maintaining the status quo, will ignite confidence in our work and our company. Let us show you the difference.

By Rob Beller,   Category: Adjusters   Comments: None

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