We’re Training an A-Team for You

When we laid the foundation for Fourseventy 6 years ago, we built it in order to lay support for our Adjusters. Within our company’s structure, we have designated Claim Process Mangers who work very closely with IA’s assigned to the specific Carrier they specialize in. This allows IAs to get knowledgable information from a supervisor who knows all the ins and outs of their Carrier’s procedures. But Fourseventy recently took that level of support one step further and welcomed Melanie Walpole onto our team as our full time Adjuster Trainer—one of very few in our industry. Her position was created to provide our Adjusters with unmatched support, and our Carriers with incomparable results. Just one more way 470 Claims stands out from the crowd and ensures that both IAs and Carriers are on the same team.

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